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Dr. A’s Academy of Hair Transplant is dedicated to improving the knowledge base of field of hair transplant and hair restoration including providing training for the professionals involved in this field.

The Academy helps with the decision making process in the field by supporting the professional development of those who conduct hair restoration procedures with a special focus on hair transplantation.

We offer specialized courses in  Hair transplants including Follicular Unit Transplant (popularly known as the strip FUHT procedure) and the stitchless FUSE/fue method.

From Day 1, we will take you step by step in every aspect of the procedure.

From operating room design, patient counseling, hairline designing, detailed surgical steps to post-op photography and record keeping.
We have an extensive background in teaching and integrating advanced techniques in hair transplantation.


Dr. A’s Academy of Hair Transplant seeks to improve health care with special focus on hair by generating new knowledge and moving knowledge into action.

Dr. A's Academy of Hair Transplant